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  • Sale! Bokashi Pro Gro

    Bokashi Pro Gro

    $30.94$290.40 USD
    • You’ll see healthier plants
    • Increased nutrient density,
    • Increased flavour, colour and yield,
    • Increased uptake of organic matter
    • Reduced watering and nutrient costs.
    • Plus, the runoff is beneficial to the environment.

    Please call ahead for 20Kg bag. Not a stocked item.

  • Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4

    Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4

    $15.45$68.15 USD


    • A blend of ingredients specifically designed to support plant growth
    • Suitable for vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs, lawns and commercial crops
    • Slow-release nutrients feed the soil which feeds your plants all season long
    • All Purpose not only provides necessary plant nutrition, it also improves soil structure and vitality
  • Gaia Green Blood Meal 14-0-0

    Gaia Green Blood Meal 14-0-0

    $17.35$45.69 USD


    • High nitrogen fertilizer for supporting vigorous crop growth.
    • Gentle on soil and soil biology.
    • Slow release nutrients, resulting in fewer applications required
  • Gaia Green Feather Meal

    $13.16$32.52 USD
    • Easy-to-use non-synthetic fertilizer
    • An excellent source of slow-release nitrogen – great for plants that require a steady, long-lasting supply
    • Helps increase green leaf growth through added nitrogen

  • Gaia Green FishBone Meal

    Gaia Green FishBone Meal

    $13.16$40.66 USD


    • An excellent alternative to traditional bone meal
    • Easy-to-use, slow-release source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium
    • High phosphorus helps aid root development
    • High calcium helps improve new shoot development in shrubs and perennials
  • Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust

    Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust

    $10.84$16.26 USD


    • Helps re-mineralize soil
    • An excellent source of magnesium, iron, and manganese
    • Helps improve soil structure, moisture retention and drainage, and cation exchange capacity


  • Gaia Green Gypsum

    $10.84$27.10 USD
    • An excellent source of calcium and sulphur.
    • Mitigates soil salinity.
    • Improves soil structure.

    Calcium (Ca)…………………………23.0%
    Sulphur (S)……………………………18.0%


  • Gaia Green Living Soil

    $22.07 USD

    30 Liter

    GAIA GREEN Living Soil is a proprietary blend of premium ingredients designed to create an optimal root environment and support beneficial microbial activity. Pre-charged with slow-release organic fertilizers, Gaia Living Soil is the potting mix of choice for discerning growers taking a holistic, ecological approach to growing potted plants.


    • A premium potting mix pre-charged with select Gaia Green fertilizers.
    • High porosity and moisture retention for an optimal root environment.
    • Biologically active to ensure high nutrient availability

    Sorry, we can not ship any dirt or soil products to the U.S.

  • Gaia Green Mineralized Phosphate

    $15.10$53.43 USD



    • A high phosphorus fertilizer.
    • Great for all flowering and fruiting plants


  • Gaia Green Oyster Shell Flour

    $12.39$37.95 USD
    • Provides immediate and long term release of nutrients that control pH levels.
    • Natural, organic source of calcium is used to correct  deficiencies and raise pH
    • 96% calcium carbonate plus a balance of 10 other nutrients and micronutrients.
    • Variable particle size provides both immediate and long-term fertilization.
  • Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4

    Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4

    $15.45$68.15 USD


    • Aids root development
    • Can be used a stand-alone fertilizer, but is even more effective when combined with  Worm Castings
    • Helps increase number of blooms, brightness of colours and length of bloom time
    • Helps improve soil structure and plant vitality
    • Easy-to-use and long-lasting; can be used throughout the entire season


  • Gaia Green Soluble Seaweed Extract

    Gaia Green Soluble Seaweed Extract

    $23.19$84.41 USD

    Soluble Seaweed Extract 1-1-17


    • Contains nutrients to support plant growth and soil biological activity.
    • High in available potassium
    • Excellent as a foliar spray
  • Gaia Green Super Fly Insect Frass

    Gaia Green Super Fly Insect Frass

    $12.74$40.66 USD


    • Excellent source of slow, but easily released plant nutrients
    • A renewable resource
    • Easy to handle and apply
  • Gaia Green GreenSand

    Gaia Green GreenSand

    $22.46$46.46 USD


    • A natural source of potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese
    • Helps improve soil properties, alleviating compaction and improving soil moisture and nutrient retention.


  • Gaia Green Basalt Rock Dust

    $10.84$34.85 USD


    Improves soil porosity and moisture retention.
    Buffers soil pH and remineralizes the soil.
    Helps condition the soil for improved plant performance.

  • Rock Phosphate

    Gaia Green Rock Phosphate

    $11.42$20.13 USD


    • A pelletized, organic phosphorus fertilizer that is easy and safe to apply.
    • Rock Phosphate can be a good amendment for replenishing soil phosphorus supply in depleted soils.
    • Rock phosphate slowly releases phosphorus over many years.