Bokashi Pro Gro

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  • You’ll see healthier plants
  • Increased nutrient density,
  • Increased flavour, colour and yield,
  • Increased uptake of organic matter
  • Reduced watering and nutrient costs.
  • Plus, the runoff is beneficial to the environment.

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My Good Green Bokashi Pro Gro is an organic,  soil amendment that was developed to help replenish your soil. Today’s synthetic approach to fertilizers has led to depleted nutrient and mineral density in our soil. Giving your soil everything necessary to create a sustainable micro ecology. That will continue to feed the soil and your crops without the need for additional chemical fertilizers.

Fermented Organic Soil

Bokashi Pro-Gro is formulated with our own blend of specialty nutrients including high grade vitamins, minerals, superfood complex and probiotic consortium. The blend is made using a unique acidic anaerobic fermentation process which results in a nutrient-rich organic product for your lawn and gardens.

Uses and Benefits of Bokashi Pro Gro

Helps you to produce healthier plants with increased nutrients in fruits and veggies and increased flavour, colour and yield. Using Pro-Gro reduces the amount of watering you need to do, and the runoff is beneficial for the environment.

Can be used as a soil amendment, an alternative to synthetic fertilizers or as a compost tea and foliar spray.


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