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  • Agrichar BioChar

    Agrichar BioChar

    $12.35$58.04 USD


    Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amending all potting soil mixes, or added directly to native (garden) soils. BioChar can also be added to compost, peat, or other soil supplements rich in nutrients, to further create and personalize growing blends.

    BioChar Benefits – Improves the soil’s water and nutrient retention, improves PH level (use less lime), increases soil porosity and pliability, plus it enhances overall plant vigour and growth. Use of BioChar as a soil amendment will encourage the reduction and unnecessary overuse of fertilizers by its inherent natural porous structure.

  • Azomite Micronized

    Azomite Micronized

    $12.39$48.40 USD


    Micronized is a powder with flour-like consistency, where 90% of the particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen. Micronized is ideal for:

    • Adding to the soil or water in hydroponic systems
    • Blending into soil mixes
    • Formulations of agricultural and horticultural nutrient products
    • Irrigation system injection with agitation
    • Greenhouse potting soil and fertilizer
    • Home gardens
    • Potted plants

    This product is OMRI-Listed for use in organic production

  • Epsom Salts MgSo4

    Epsom Salts MgSo4

    $6.97$34.85 USD

    SDS sheet for Epsom salt

    Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate
    9.8% – Mg; Crystals; Particle Size 1 to 4mm; No Caking

    Approved for Agriculture, Industrial, Pharmaceutical uses.


  • garden green garden lime

    Garden Green Garden Lime

    $3.87$9.29 USD

    Calcium carbonate or ‘grey lime’ is a finely ground limestone product that provides a fast pH adjustment. Used to supply calcium and to increase alkalinity in soil and media situations.

    Mix with potting soil 1/2 cup per cu foot. or Top dress pots or beds A couple Tablespoons around each plant.



  • Hydrated Lime

    Hydrated Lime

    $5.03$23.19 USD

    Lime, limestone, dolomite and other minerals are used in agriculture and forestry, both to correct soil acidity and to add nutrients that contain magnesium and calcium. These nutrients are essential for healthy plant growth and to increase crop yield.



  • Jobes Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

    Jobes Fruit Tree Spikes

    $5.03 USD

    N : 8 – P : 11 – K : 11

    Early spring and late fall

    Fruit, citrus, and nut trees

  • Jobes Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

    Jobes Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

    $5.03 USD

    N : 15 – P : 3 – K : 3

    Early spring and late fall

    All deciduous trees and shrubs

  • natural ph down

    Jons Plant Factory Natural pH Down

    $7.71$23.23 USD

    Natural pH adjuster used to balance water pH levels without affecting beneficial microbes and microorganisms.

  • natural ph up

    Jons Plant Factory Natural pH UP

    $5.81$19.36 USD

    Natural pH adjuster used to balance water pH levels without affecting beneficial microbes and microorganisms.

  • Magriculture Magnesium Sulphate

    Magriculture Magnesium Sulphate

    $42.59 USD

    OMRI Listed

    50 Lb bag


  • Natural Sodium Bicarbonate

    Natural Sodium Bicarbonate

    $44.10 USD

    100% pure sodium bicarbonate
    For use in Cooking
    Use for Ph up in Swimming Pools

    Also for making Bath Fizzers when combined with Citric Acid and Epsom Salts

  • Ammonium Sulphate 21-0-0

    Ammonium Sulphate 21-0-0

    $11.58 USD

    2 Kg

    A high nitrogen fertilizer commonly used to replace nitrogen and sulphur after harvesting forage grass crops in the Fraser Valley. The added sulphur enhances amino acid production in the plant. Amino acids are the precursors to protein development in the plant.  Derived from urea and ammonium sulphate.

  • Blossom Blood

    Blossom Blood

    $13.55 USD

    Rambridge Blossom Blood has earned the reputation as a premium floral product. The addition  to a nutrient reservoir during the flowering stage of a plant will promote fuller buds and flowers utilizing selective pH control. Developed for stabilization and floral production in hydroponic applications, Blossom Blood may also be used in soil-less growing mediums. Blossom…

  • Elemental Suplhur 90%

    Elemental Suplhur 90%

    $11.58 USD

    2 Kg

    For pH adjustment & a source of sulphur Broadcast evenly over soil surface at 250g per 10m2 .
    Then work uniformly to depth of 15 cm ( 6 in)
    RATE: 2 kg box covers 80m2 (860ft2) read label before using
    Also contains 10% Betonite clay

  • Treble Super Phosphate 0-45-0

    Treble Super Phosphate 0-45-0

    $11.58 USD

    2 Kg


  • UREA 46-0-0

    UREA 46-0-0

    $11.58 USD

    2 Kg

    Urea 46-0-0 is an effective fertilizer, providing the highest amount of nitrogen of any fertilizer at 46%. Cost-efficient and widely used for heavy feeding crops, Urea is the go-to nitrogen fertilizer for agricultural applications.