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  • Agrichar BioChar

    Agrichar BioChar

    $10.84 USD


    Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amending all potting soil mixes, or added directly to native (garden) soils. BioChar can also be added to compost, peat, or other soil supplements rich in nutrients, to further create and personalize growing blends.

    BioChar Benefits – Improves the soil’s water and nutrient retention, improves PH level (use less lime), increases soil porosity and pliability, plus it enhances overall plant vigour and growth. Use of BioChar as a soil amendment will encourage the reduction and unnecessary overuse of fertilizers by its inherent natural porous structure.

  • Argo CFO Vermicast Specialty Fertilizer

    Argo CFO Vermicast Specialty Fertilizer

    $23.19 USD
    3.5 Liter Bag
    • 100% ORGANIC
    • Plant Growth And Vigor
    • Increased Nutrient Cycling
    • Increased Water Retention 
    • Enhanced Plant Biology

    Direction for soil application

    Mix 10% to 20% thoroughly into soil, use mixed soil as directed in planting instructions.

  • Azomite Micronized

    $12.39$46.85 USD


    Micronized is a powder with flour-like consistency, where 90% of the particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen. Micronized is ideal for:

    • Adding to the soil or water in hydroponic systems
    • Blending into soil mixes
    • Formulations of agricultural and horticultural nutrient products
    • Irrigation system injection with agitation
    • Greenhouse potting soil and fertilizer
    • Home gardens
    • Potted plants

    This product is OMRI-Listed for use in organic production

  • Bokashi Pro Gro

    Bokashi Pro Gro

    $30.94$308.99 USD
    • You’ll see healthier plants
    • Increased nutrient density,
    • Increased flavour, colour and yield,
    • Increased uptake of organic matter
    • Reduced watering and nutrient costs.
    • Plus, the runoff is beneficial to the environment.

    Please call ahead for 20Kg bag. Not a stocked item.

  • Dutch Treat Charcoal

    Dutch Treat Charcoal

    $5.81 USD

    2 Liters All Purpose Charcoal

    Nature’s soil sweetener. Necessary for healthy plant life


  • garden green garden lime

    Garden Green Garden Lime

    $3.87$9.29 USD

    Calcium carbonate or ‘grey lime’ is a finely ground limestone product that provides a fast pH adjustment. Used to supply calcium and to increase alkalinity in soil and media situations.

    Mix with potting soil 1/2 cup per cu foot. or Top dress pots or beds A couple Tablespoons around each plant.



  • Gypsum (Gypril)

    $6.20$30.98 USD

         2 Liter Tub ( approx 2Kg )

    • Reduces the nitrogen loss to the air
    • Helps increase the nutrient availability in the soil
    • Does not affect soil pH
    • Aids in water retention and drainage
  • Jobes Fruit Tree Spikes

    $5.03 USD

    N : 8 – P : 11 – K : 11

    Early spring and late fall

    Fruit, citrus, and nut trees

  • Jobes Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

    $5.03 USD

    N : 15 – P : 3 – K : 3

    Early spring and late fall

    All deciduous trees and shrubs



    $13.16$28.65 USD

    USE: Every time you plant or transplant your plants. Exceptions: Blueberries and rhododendrons cannot be colonized by the fungus in MYKE TREE & SHRUB. TREATS: 1.5 L – 6 cups : Treats 12 gallons or up to 12 plants 4 L – 16 cups : Treats 32 gallons or up to 32 plants FORMULATION: Natural fine…

  • Raw Microbes Bloom Stage

    $14.71$755.04 USD

    Raw Microbes Bloom Stage are a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Flower/Bloom Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Nutrient Availability & Plant Protection during the Bloom Stage.

    Super Concentrated

  • Raw Microbes Grow Stage

    $14.71$755.04 USD

    Raw Microbes Grow Stage is a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Grow / Vegetative Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Root Growth & Nutrient Availability during the Grow Stage.

    Super Concentrated

  • Pure Life (GRO 4) Worm Castings

    Pure Life (GRO 4) Worm Castings

    $13.94$22.07 USD
    • Certified Organic
    • Pro-Cert Certified
    • OMRI Listed
  • Worm Castings

    Worm Castings 30L

    $26.72 USD

     Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings are the odorless, natural manure of the earthworm. Completely non-toxic and safe around children & pets

    Not recommended for shipping due to weight of product

  • Calcium Peroxide

    Calcium Peroxide

    $16.26$216.06 USD

    As an amendment to your potting soil, the recommended rate  is: 9 grams/1 tbsp/15ml per 1 gallon of soil/4 liters. If you would like to mix larger quantities (usually in a toy swimming pool or on a sheet of plastic) mix in 4tbs (60ml) per cubic foot, so approximately 16-20 tbs (240-300ml) per bale of…