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  • Azomite Micronized

    $11.62$45.69 USD


    Micronized is a powder with flour-like consistency, where 90% of the particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen. Micronized is ideal for:

    • Adding to the soil or water in hydroponic systems
    • Blending into soil mixes
    • Formulations of agricultural and horticultural nutrient products
    • Irrigation system injection with agitation
    • Greenhouse potting soil and fertilizer
    • Home gardens
    • Potted plants

    This product is OMRI-Listed for use in organic production

  • Sale! Bokashi Pro Gro

    Bokashi Pro Gro

    $30.94$2,129.60 USD
    • You’ll see healthier plants
    • Increased nutrient density,
    • Increased flavour, colour and yield,
    • Increased uptake of organic matter
    • Reduced watering and nutrient costs.
    • Plus, the runoff is beneficial to the environment.

    250Kg Tote is available upon special order
    Please call store if interested

  • Dutch Treat Charcoal

    Dutch Treat Charcoal

    $6.81 USD

    2 Liters All Purpose Charcoal

    Nature’s soil sweetener. Necessary for healthy plant life

  • garden green garden lime

    Garden Green Garden Lime

    $3.10$9.29 USD

    Calcium carbonate or ‘grey lime’ is a finely ground limestone product that provides a fast pH adjustment. Used to supply calcium and to increase alkalinity in soil and media situations.

    Mix with potting soil 1/2 cup per cu foot. or Top dress pots or beds A couple Tablespoons around each plant.



  • Gypsum (Gypril)

    Gypsum (Gypril)

    $6.20$30.98 USD

         2 Liter Tub ( approx 2Kg )

    • Reduces the nitrogen loss to the air
    • Helps increase the nutrient availability in the soil
    • Does not affect soil pH
    • Aids in water retention and drainage


    $13.16$28.65 USD

    USE: Every time you plant or transplant your plants. Exceptions: Blueberries and rhododendrons cannot be colonized by the fungus in MYKE TREE & SHRUB. TREATS: 1.5 L – 6 cups : Treats 12 gallons or up to 12 plants 4 L – 16 cups : Treats 32 gallons or up to 32 plants FORMULATION: Natural fine…

  • Raw Microbes Bloom Stage

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    Raw Microbes Bloom Stage are a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Flower/Bloom Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Nutrient Availability & Plant Protection during the Bloom Stage.

    Super Concentrated

  • Raw Microbes Grow Stage

    $14.71$755.04 USD

    Raw Microbes Grow Stage is a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Grow / Vegetative Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Root Growth & Nutrient Availability during the Grow Stage.

    Super Concentrated

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  • Worm Castings

    Worm Castings 30L

    $21.64 USD

     Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings are the odorless, natural manure of the earthworm. Completely non-toxic and safe around children & pets

    Not recommended for shipping due to weight of product

  • Calcium Peroxide

    Calcium Peroxide

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    As an amendment to your potting soil, the recommended rate  is: 9 grams/1 tbsp/15ml per 1 gallon of soil/4 liters. If you would like to mix larger quantities (usually in a toy swimming pool or on a sheet of plastic) mix in 4tbs (60ml) per cubic foot, so approximately 16-20 tbs (240-300ml) per bale of…

  • PyroClay3


    $11.58 USD

    100% Natural No Additives

    The Label on this bucket is not as pictured.