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    $44.72 USD
    • Back-lit lcd display, simple 2-key operation, removable bowl (2 liter capacity)
    •  2000g Capacity
    •  .1g Accuracy 
    • Multiple weighing units: g, oz, ozt, dwt
    • Includes, 2 aa batteries
  • 5k bowl scale


    $34.85 USD

    Key Features

    • Removable bowl
    • 11lb Capacity (5kg)
    • Display resolution of 0.1oz / 1g
    • Tare feature
    • Grams or Pounds
    • Backlit Display
    • Simple 2-key operation

  • 60 CC Syringe With Detachable Needle

    $3.09 USD
    • 60 ml syringe
    • Comes with Needle for longer reach
    • Great for measuring small amounts of liquid
    • pulls apart for easy cleaning
    • In 1ml increments on outside of tube
  • Active Eye Microscope 60x-100x

    $15.49 USD
    • Removable Cell phone clip
    • Active eye illuminated microscope
    • Zoom is 60x to 100x
    • Easily identify pests, disease, or plant species to target fast solutions
    • Provides targeted, optimal illumination and compact and light weight design
    • Super bright led bulb to illuminate specimen and includes batteries and case
  • Alfred Precision Scale 0.01g / 500g

    Alfred Precision Scale 0.01g / 500g

    $18.20 USD

    Perfect for measuring and weighing out small quantities of harvested or medical materials, Alfred Horticulture scale is super accurate for diminutive amounts. Weigh out up to 500 grams (17.6 oz.) on the stainless-steel plate with your choice of two different tray sizes (included). Waterproof and portable, this scale can give readouts on its backlit, LCD display in either grams or ounces.


    • Capacity: 500g
    • .01 gr accuracy
    • Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel
    • Display screen: LCD
  • Alfred Precision Scale 3Kg / 0.1grm

    Alfred Precision Scale 3Kg / 0.1grm

    $30.98 USD

    This medium duty electronic scale, with a digital display is made by Alfred Horticulture, is accurate to within .1 grams (.0058 oz.) and can weight up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) of your medical, lab or harvested products. Displays weight in your choice of grams, ounces, or pounds on its LCD readout with a backlit screen.


    • Capacity: 3kg
    • Material: ABS plastic
    • .1 gr accuracy


  • AWS Card V2-100 Digital Pocket Scale

    $27.10 USD
    1. NEW in box
    2. 100 Gram Capacity
    3. Tested and calibrated before shipping enabling it for instant operation.
    4. .01 gram accuracy
    5. Reads in g, oz, ozt & dwt
    6. Leather carrying pouch for safe transportation
  • Measuring Cups

    $2.79$9.29 USD
    • 250 ml
    • 500 ml
    • 1 Liter
    • 2 Liter
    • 3 Liter
  • Sale! Moisture Meter

    Moisture Meter

    $7.59 USD


    • Signals soil moisture level
    • Indicates soil acidity/alkalinity
    • Includes watering needs for many plants
    • Product specifically designed to be used only in soil