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  • Adjustable Elbows

    Adjustable Elbows

    $4.26$9.29 USD

    Use these Adjustable Elbows  to make turns in round ductwork or flexible duct hose. Easy to maneuver up to a 90-degree bend.

  • Thermoflo Adjustable Elbow

    Thermoflo Adjustable Elbow

    $5.81 USD

    • Reduces costs
    • Saves energy
    • Improves airflow by forming an efficient 90-degree elbow
    • Perfect for hydroponics and indoor gardening
    • Improves the environmental conditions for plants
    • One size fits all 4″ to 16″ flexible ducts
    • Install on wide range of ventilation systems
    • Works with all kinds of flexible ducting
    • Easy to install, no special tools required
    • U.L. Listed

  • Insulated flex ducting

    Flex Duct Insulated

    $36.20$69.70 USD

    Flex Duct Insulated with triple foil laminate casing with scrim reinforcement & double sealed core (SR Core) Wrapped in R4.2 insulation to maintain temperature and keeps noise to a minimum Fire retardant black polyethylene vapour barrier adds extra durability Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew for better air quality Duct components are flame resistant…

  • Aluminum Tape

    Aluminum Tape

    $11.15 USD

    Aluminum Tape is used for sealing air ducts, this aluminum foil tape is not affected by moisture. Its strong adhesive provides maximum adherence.

  • Tuck Tape

    Tuck Tape

    $9.29 USD

    Tuck Contractors Tuck Tape provides superior adhesion when installing housewrap and splicing insulation boards. Professional contractors trust Tuck Tape to perform reliably under extreme conditions – making it indispensable in cold Canadians winters. Features and Benefits Unmatched adhesion and tensile strength Good performance at both low and high temperatures UV stable CCMC approved

  • Duct Mufflers

    Duct Mufflers

    $43.33$135.52 USD

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  • Duct Clamps

    Duct Clamps

    $1.74$3.25 USD

    Duct Clamps are  Simple and easy to use Stainless steel Duct Clamps are perfect for attaching ducting.

  • Flexible air ducting

    Flexible air ducting

    $22.84$69.70 USD

    Flexible air ducting is most commonly used for removing heat and bringing in fresh air.
    Good for indoor gardens, grow tents.
    All ducting come in lengths of 25 feet.