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  • Nanolux DE OG 1000W Fixture

    Nanolux DE OG 1000W Fixture

    $154.84 USD
    • ETL Listed
    • NCCS APP Ready & 0-10V Ready
    • 3 year warranty
    • Soft Start and Random Start technology
    • Open circuit and low voltage protection


  • Nanolux Smart Lighting Controller

    Nanolux Smart Lighting Controller

    $185.08 USD

    The Nanolux Smart Lighting Controller is designed to provide wired control to two lighting groups in a greenhouse. You can control up to 60 lights per group.  The controller also has the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset cycle from 10-60 minutes. Each of the two-lighting group channels has a room overheat protection function that can be set as needed.

    Special order. Please call 604-294-3000 for availability

  • Philips Master GreenPower Extra 1000w

    Philips Master GreenPower Extra

    $61.91$363.19 USD

    highest output lamp ever produced.
    400 V high frequency lamp is made in Belgium.
    Nitrogen filled with a quartz glass outer jacket for perfect optical quality.
    Produces 2,120 µmol/s at 1,000 watts
    Produces 2,400 µmol/s when boosted to 1,150 watts.

  • Plantmax 1000W DE Metal Halide 6 K Grow Lamp

    Plantmax 1000W DE Metal Halide 6 K Grow Lamp

    $68.92 USD
    • Patented open rated design with double-jacket protection.
    • Provides professional horticultural users with premium photosynthesis efficiency.
    • A high blue light ratio and additional green light to aid in the growth of health plants.
    • A true daylight color temperature of 6,000K & a PAR value of 1,550 µmol/s.
    • Enhanced full spectrum promotes healthy roots & creates strong veggie cycle.
    • Quality, reliability & exceptional consistent results.