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  • canna coco brick

    Canna Coco Brick

    $15.49$724.06 USD

    CANNA COCO meets the 4 benchmarks for a quality coco medium;

    1. Physical structure
    2. Chemical stability
    3. Free of weed seeds
    4. Consistency

    10 Bricks work out to $19 each
    55 Bricks work out to $17 each

  • Cultivation Nation 70/30 Coco Perlite

    Cultivation Nation 70/30 Coco Perlite

    $22.07 USD

    Cultivation Nation Seventy Thirty Growing Media is a mixture of buffered coconut coir and perlite, blended in the classic ratio of 70:30.


  • Sale! Dutch Treat Charcoal

    Dutch Treat Charcoal

    $5.81 USD

    2 Liters All Purpose Charcoal

    Nature’s soil sweetener. Necessary for healthy plant life

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  • FVSC Starter Mix

    FVSC Starter Mix

    $5.42$10.84 USD
    FVSC Starter Mix contains the correct balance of necessary ingredients for good root growth. An excellent rooting medium to give seeds and cuttings the right start.
    *Contains an initial fertilizer charge*
  • Gaia Green Living Soil

    $22.07 USD

    30 Liter

    GAIA GREEN Living Soil is a proprietary blend of premium ingredients designed to create an optimal root environment and support beneficial microbial activity. Pre-charged with slow-release organic fertilizers, Gaia Living Soil is the potting mix of choice for discerning growers taking a holistic, ecological approach to growing potted plants.


    • A premium potting mix pre-charged with select Gaia Green fertilizers.
    • High porosity and moisture retention for an optimal root environment.
    • Biologically active to ensure high nutrient availability

    Sorry, we can not ship any dirt or soil products to the U.S.

  • Gaia Green Worm Castings

    Gaia Green Worm Castings

    $11.58$38.68 USD
    • A premium vermicompost produced with African nightcrawlers fed a diet of peat moss and organic grains.
    • Loaded with beneficial microorganisms to enhance nutrient availability and improve soil quality.
    • High organic matter content improves soil nutrient and water holding capacity.
    • Improves soil structure, which enhances aeration and drainage properties.

    Special order for the 30 L bags(Only takes 2 days)
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  • Grodan Cress Plate

    Grodan Cress Plate

    $6.39 USD


    • Grodan Cress Plate . Thinnest Grodan product available.  3/8 inch thick  (1 cm)
    • Consistent structure results in quick and easy germination
    • Uniform density allows for uniform water levels throughout the product resulting in even crop growth
    • Fits perfectly into a 10/20 flat
  • Grodan Grow Cubes

    $44.14$94.48 USD

    • Excellent water-retention
    • Continual high air content
    • Water and fertilizer readily available to plants
    • For use in container gardens
    • Normal distribution of water throughout the depth

  • Grodan Macroplugs

    Grodan Macroplugs

    $9.29 USD

    Bag of 50

  • Sale!

    Grodan Rockwool Cubes 4 x 4 x 4 Pack of 6

    $7.74 USD

    Otherwise known as 4″x 4″x 4″ Large hole

    6 Pack is wrapped in plastic.

    • Effortless start-up of propagation
    • Uniform WC and EC distribution
    • Easy WC management
    • Excellent root growth throughout the block
    • Greater firmness for better handling
  • Sale! Happy Frog Potting Soil

    Happy Frog Potting Soil

    $18.20 USD

    2 cu ft

    Roots can’t seek out nutrients in the ground, so you have to bring it to them. That’s why Happy Frog Potting Soil is alive with beneficial microbes and fungi that help break down organic matter and feed the plant roots.

    Too heavy to ship. Do not put in cart unless picking up In-store

  • Ocean Forest Potting Soil

    Ocean Forest Potting Soil

    $17.42 USD

    1.5 cu ft

    The ultimate potting soil—everything your plants need, in one bag. Ocean Forest Potting Soil is a powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal.

    Product very heavy. Will greatly increase shipping cost 

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  • Rexius Orchid Bark

    Rexius Orchid Bark

    $5.42$34.07 USD

    Douglas Fir Orchid Bark

    Heat treated

    Medium size nuggets

    5L size come in clear unmarked bag

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  • Sale!

    SEA SOIL Original

    $6.97 USD

    Fish and Forest Fines 2 Year Composted Soil

    • Organically fertilized with fish
    • Retains moisture
    • Breaks up clay and increases organic content
    • Promotes strong root development

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  • Sale! Simply Straw

    Simply Straw

    $11.23 USD

    Why Buy Simply Straw?
    Increases Animal Comfort & Health
    Highly Absorbent
    Increases Biosecurity
    Biodegrades 8X Faster
    100% Renewable Resource
    Soft Silky Smooth Bedding
    Premium Product
    All Natural
    Can also be used as Garden Mulch

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  • Super Moss Sphagnum Moss Garden Bale

    Super Moss Sphagnum Moss Garden Bale

      • 1KG   15″ x 11″ x 6″ compressed
      • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
      • Holds 10x its weight in water and can be used to amend tropical soils
      • Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles
      • Ideal for planting orchids and succulents!
      • 5 Star Quality – Long Fibers
      • 2.2Lb Bail