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  • Active Air Thermometer-Hygrometer

    $19.75 USD
    • Auto-switch display between indoor and outdoor temperature reading
    • Large LCD display to read continuous indoor relative humidity and temperature
    • Min/Max memory
  • Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat

    Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat

    $43.37 USD
    • Easy to use analog control
    • Reduces humidity to desired level
    • Controls dehumidifier or exhaust fan
    • Humidity control range: 30 – 90%
    • Digital display shows current humidity level
  • heat mat therm

    Heat Mat Thermostat

    $35.62 USD

    Our heat mat thermostat is digital for greater accuracy. Features Water-resistant stainless steel temperature probe Digital temperature control Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments LED mode indicator lights; 3-prong grounded plug Compatible with all Hydrofarm heat mats Controllable range from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit Celsius or…

  • Plug N Grow PNG 030 Humidity Controller

    Plug N Grow 030 Humidity Controller

    $127.39 USD
    • Displays ambient relative humidity
    • Day and night setpoints adjustable from 20% to 90%
    •  Adjustable differential
    •  Operating mode : humidification or dehumidification
    •  15AMPS/120V/60HZ
    •  Made in North America
  • Super sprouter heat mat thermostat

    Super Sprouter Heat Mat Thermostat

    $32.52 USD
    • Temperature control range is 68-95 degrees F Precise temperature control provides constant optimum temperatures Probe can be placed right in the soil medium for an accurate soil reading or attached with included suction cup when air temperature is being used to control the heating device Illuminated indicator light and 3-prong grounded plug Automatic safety shutoff at 110 degrees F 
  • Grozone HT2

    Grozone HT2

    $153.33 USD

    DESCRIPTION of Grozone HT2 Day and Night temperature settings: 48°F to 104°F (9°C to 40°C). Day and Night humidity settings: 10% to 100% User can select one among five operating modes: Cooling, Cooling & Dehumidifying, Dehumidifying, Humidifying, Heating. User-Set Low-Temperature Limit (for Cooling & Dehum. mode only).. Remote Sensor w/ 25-ft cable (included). Bargraph display….

  • Grozone CY 1

    Grozone CY 1

    $68.92 USD
    • Grozone CY 1 is a Day & Night Periodic Timer
    • Photocell Controls any 120Vac equipment such as pumps or fans on a periodic repeat cycle.
    • The ON duration spans from 10 sec to an hour
    • The OFF duration spans from 1 minutes to 12 hours
    • The unit can function day and night or during day time only
  • grozone 12 V

    Grozone TV 12

    $100.66 USD

    Day & Night setting. Grozone TV 12 automatically slows down or speeds up centrifugal fans to maintain user selected temperature setpoints (55°F to 95°F). Enables the user to select the minimum fan speed (Idle Speed) between 25% and 60% of full power. 6-ft temperature probe precise to 2°F/1°C. Can drive 120V induction motor type fans…



    $89.06 USD
    • Automatically slows down or speeds up centrifugal fans to respect  day and night set points.
    • Enables a much tighter and precise temperature curve.
    • 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F / 1°C.
    • Can drive single phase 120 Vac induction motor type fans up to 750 Watts.




    $66.91 USD

    GROZONE TEMP-3 High temperature shut-off Temp Controller automatically shuts down lighting and/or other equipment when a high temperature setpoint is reached. Once turned-off, the unit will run a user selected delay from 0 to 15 minutes before turning back on (temperature setback of 5° or 10° F / 3° to 5°C). 6 foot cord with…



    $68.92 USD

    GROZONE TEMP-1  Day Night Thermostat, Controls cooling or heating equipment according to a daytime or nighttime set-point. 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F / 1°C. Can power 120Vac equipment up to 15 amp. Typical control differential stands between 4° and 7°F / 2° and 4°C.

  • Mondi Thermometer Hygrometer

    Mondi Thermometer Hygrometer

    $13.94 USD

    Dome thermometer

  • Cruise Temp Thermostat

    Cruise Temp Thermostat

    $68.92 USD

    Cruise temp with piggyback cord

  • Ranco Thermostat

    Ranco Thermostat

    $121.97 USD

    Digital Temperature Controller

  • Analogue Hygrometer

    $19.75 USD
    • To monitor the humidity
    • Precise synthetic-hair movement
    • No batteries required
    • Made in Germany
  • Max Min Thermometer

    Min Max Thermometer

    $19.79 USD

    Max Min Thermometer