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  • Sale! AC INFINITY CLOUDCOM B2 Thermometer


    Original price was: $23.19.Current price is: $18.55. USD


    • AC INFINITY CLOUDCOM B2, smart thermo-hygrometer with data app, integrated sensor probe
    • A smart sensor designed to accurately give climate condition updates to maintain the ideal environment.
    • Built-in sensor provides fast-refresh readings of temp. & humidity conditions and daily highs and lows.
    • Connect to our app via Bluetooth for remote climate monitoring, alarms, data graphs, and CSV charts.
    • Backlit LCD screen with desktop, wall, or magnetic mounting options to place and display anywhere.
    • Fit for use in many home and grow settings like greenhouses, grow tents, guitar rooms, and basement



  • Sale! AC Infinity Controller 67

    AC Infinity Controller 67

    Original price was: $80.54.Current price is: $58.04. USD
    • A digital controller designed to equip AC Infinity fans with smart controls for HVAC or growing applications.
    • Dynamically adjusts fan speed based on temperature and humidity conditions to produce optimal airflow.
    • Programming includes automated triggers, timers, cycles, scheduling, minimum speed, and custom transitions.
    • Connect with our app via Bluetooth to unlock advance programs, set notifications, and view climate data.
    • Supports up to two CLOUDLINE, AIRLIFT, or CLOUDRAY fans with EC motors to share the same programming.


  • AC Infinity Controller 69

    AC Infinity Controller 69

    $84.41 USD
    • A digital controller designed to equip AC Infinity devices with smart controls to produce the optimal environment.
    • Control up to four devices from fans to grow lights and provide each with their own independent programming.
    • Automate devices to dynamically change speed and brightness levels in response to temperature and humidity.
    • Additional programming includes grow cycles, scheduling, timers, minimum levels, and custom transitions.
    • Connect with our app via Bluetooth to unlock advance programs, set alarms, notifications, and view climate data.


  • active air thermometer

    Active Air Thermometer-Hygrometer

    $17.42 USD
    • Auto-switch display between indoor and outdoor temperature reading
    • Large LCD display to read continuous indoor relative humidity and temperature
    • Min/Max memory
  • Alfred Heat Mat Thermostat

    Alfred Heat Mat Thermostat

    $27.10 USD
    • LED temperature display
    • Precise digital controller
    • Amp: 8.3
    • Max Watt: 1000W
    • Temperature control range 40-108°F (5-42°C)
    • Precision temperature probe and removable suction cup
    • Operating indicator light
    • Accepts one 3-prong ground plug
    • Compatible with most major brands of heat mats
  • Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat

    Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat

    $45.69 USD
    • Easy to use analog control
    • Reduces humidity to desired level
    • Controls dehumidifier or exhaust fan
    • Humidity control range: 30 – 90%
    • Digital display shows current humidity level
  • Grozone HT2

    Grozone HT2

    $153.33 USD

    DESCRIPTION of Grozone HT2 Day and Night temperature settings: 48°F to 104°F (9°C to 40°C). Day and Night humidity settings: 10% to 100% User can select one among five operating modes: Cooling, Cooling & Dehumidifying, Dehumidifying, Humidifying, Heating. User-Set Low-Temperature Limit (for Cooling & Dehum. mode only).. Remote Sensor w/ 25-ft cable (included). Bargraph display….

  • Grozone CY 1

    Grozone CY 1

    $68.92 USD
    • Grozone CY 1 is a Day & Night Periodic Timer
    • Photocell Controls any 120Vac equipment such as pumps or fans on a periodic repeat cycle.
    • The ON duration spans from 10 sec to an hour
    • The OFF duration spans from 1 minutes to 12 hours
    • The unit can function day and night or during day time only
  • Sale! IGS 012 High Temp Shutdown

    IGS 012 High Temp Shutdown

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    • Protects plants by turning off lighting or CO2 generators when temperature is too high
    • Smooth rotating knobs with continuous adjustment
    • Restart delay adjustable from 0 to 20 minutes to protect lighting equipment
    • High temperature limit adjustable from 70 to 120°F (21 to 49°C)
    • Precise external temperature sensor on 20 inch(50 cm) cable to place at plants top level: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
    • 120 V, maximum outlet current 15 A, 2 HP
    • CSA/UL compliant

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    $68.92 USD

    GROZONE TEMP-1  Day Night Thermostat, Controls cooling or heating equipment according to a daytime or nighttime set-point. 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F / 1°C. Can power 120Vac equipment up to 15 amp. Typical control differential stands between 4° and 7°F / 2° and 4°C.

  • Mondi Thermometer Hygrometer

    Mondi Thermometer Hygrometer

    $15.45 USD

    Included in kit:

    • Mondi Thermo-Hygrometer
    • Placement sticker
    • 8mm proprietary drill piece
    • Product information guide
  • Sale! Cruise Temp Thermostat

    Cruise Temp Thermostat

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    Cruise temp with piggyback cord

    Comes with attached piggyback cord

  • Ranco Thermostat

    Ranco Thermostat

    $137.07 USD

    Digital Temperature Controller


  • Max Min Thermometer

    Min Max Thermometer

    $11.58 USD

    Max Min Thermometer