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  • Aluminum Tape

    Aluminum Tape

    $11.15 USD

    Aluminum Tape is used for sealing air ducts, this aluminum foil tape is not affected by moisture. Its strong adhesive provides maximum adherence.

  • Tuck Tape

    Tuck Tape

    $9.29 USD

    Tuck Contractors Tuck Tape provides superior adhesion when installing housewrap and splicing insulation boards. Professional contractors trust Tuck Tape to perform reliably under extreme conditions – making it indispensable in cold Canadians winters. Features and Benefits Unmatched adhesion and tensile strength Good performance at both low and high temperatures UV stable CCMC approved

  • White Tape

    White Tape

    $13.90 USD


  • Tarp Zipper Door

    $13.55 USD
    • Designed for use with Black & White poly or vapor barrier.
    • This adhesive-backed zipper is perfect for creating a doorway.
    • The best way to install them is 2 at a time like in picture on Box
  • Flash Gro II mylar

    Flash Gro II Mylar

    $27.88$52.66 USD
    • 54″ tall
    • High tensile strength
    • Will not tear, rip, or pull through  staples.
    • 1.5mil mylar layer
    • will not seperate from weave over time.
    • White vinyl weave backing provides tear resistance 


  • Black & White Poly

    Black & White Poly

    $9.68$68.15 USD

    Stop vapour and light leaks with this 5.5 mil Black & White Poly. Also used as an excellent reflective material with no hot spots. This waterproof poly film is black on one side and white on the other resulting in 90% light reflection. An excellent partition material and for building grow tents. An alternative to mylar…