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A synergistic formulation combining our high ionic humic acid, exclusive kelp extract, vitamins and minerals to support healthy root development in the plant’s early stage. Apply at the root and every time you repot, or add to the reservoir to optimize plant performance throughout the growth cycle.

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Powerful ‘QUAD NUTRO HUMONIC’ Humic Acid solution blended with natural kelp extract, minerals, vitamins & enzymes to stimulate the soil biome & increasing root mass, shoot strength, and flower health.


QUAD NUTRO HUMONIC is a powerful tool in any cultivators toolkit using our proprietary humic acid solution with its uniquely high ionic charge that optimizes your growth medium to retain more nutrients, promote proper water percolation and reduce nutrient leaching into the environment. QUAD NUTRO HUMONIC promotes a higher CEC (cation exchange capacity) in your growth medium by binding more of your nutrients making them more readily available for your plants to consume.

  • Prepares Ground Soil, Soil Mix or Soil-Less
  • Promotes ideal soil biome
  • Improves percolation and drainage, including hardpan
  • Exhibits earlier, stronger emergence
  • Can increase root mass by 15-30%
  • Improves cation exchange of nutrients (CEC)
  • Works with all Nutrient Programs
  • Completely effective at all nutrient pH ranges (5.4 – 6.5)
  • CFIA Registration # 2020076A Fertilizers Act


HUMONIC is used to treat the root zone either amended into the medium, mixed with nutrient programs, or added to irrigation systems. It can be applied at time of or prior to planting, also at the transition from vegetative to flower phases. HUMONIC is also highly effective in treating clones and cuttings

Directions: Shake well before use.

Soil Mixing: Add a ratio of 2% by weight of HUMONIC to soil, then mix it into hopper. Approximately 10 cc per gallon of soil.

Hydroponic Application: Apply at a rate of 1ml/L on feed days, 3 times weekly.

Irrigation Application: Apply at a rate of 4L/acre.

Best results when used in combination with QUAD NUTRO FULONIC, F1 FUEL or F2 FOLIAR for increased nutrient chelation and reduced nutrient loss from leaching or gas-off.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Leonardite Coal, Kelp Extract.
pH: 9

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