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Our signature Golden Humate blended with nitrogen and sulphur to fuel and strengthen the plant during vegetative growth. It will promote further root development, plant growth and stem strength as you approach the flowering phase.


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Our Signature ‘QUAD NUTRO F1 FUEL’  Fulvic Acid solution enriched with Nitrogen and Sulfur to optimize nutritional uptake of the plant to increase the quality and quantity of your yield.

QUAD NUTRO F1 FUEL is a powerful tool in any cultivators tool kit. Using our proprietary solution naturally enriched with trace minerals and micronutrients that enhance your nutrient program, resulting in healthy plants that produce healthy yields.

  • Supplies 8% Nitrogen and 11.5% Sulfur dissolved in a Fulvic Acid Solution
  • Assists in the formation of plant proteins, important enzymes to stimulate vigorous growth
  • Aids in correcting Sulfur deficiencies in LED rooms
  • Increases Brix levels to improve plants resistance to disease (especially powdery mildews & black spot)
  • Extends time-release of nutrients allowing for a larger application window
  • Helps preserve nitrogen in the growth medium preventing gas-off & leaching (retain up to 50% nitrogen with 28% UAN application)
  • Works with all Nutrient Programs
  • Completely effective at all nutrient pH ranges (5.4 – 6.5)
  • NOTE: This product can affect PPM. We recommend performing a jar test
  • CFIA Registration #2021887A Fertilizers Act
  • WSDA Registration #3543-0001


QUAD NUTRO F1 FUEL is a powerful systemic nutrient additive enriched with Nitrogen and Sulfur to support the efficacy of nutrient programs and reduce nitrogen loss to gas-off and leaching.

Use Fuel in Hydroponic and Aeroponic growing, as well as Soil or Soilless growing mediums throughout the Vegetative Phase and into the early part of Flower Phase.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Apply 4ml per litre of water (1 tablespoon/US Gallon) into nutrient reservoir for regular feeding or seek the advice of an agricultural representative or a professional agricultural consultant to address for corrections of deficiencies as determined by tissue or soil testing.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Leonardite Coal, Ammonium Sulfate.
pH: 4.4

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