House and Garden Nitrogen Boost

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  • Promotes vigorous plant growth,
  • Increasing seed and fruit production
  • Improving the size and quality of the overall harvest.
  • Your garden will immediately look greener and healthier with the additional levels of nitrogen available to the plant.

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House and Garden Nitrogen Boost is carefully formulated to provide plants with optimal levels of nitrogen during their vegetative cycle. Increasing the availability of nitrogen can produce bigger yields and a crop that is more resistant to pests, diseases, and adverse conditions.  Nitrogen  is especially useful during long vegetative cycles. When vegetative cycles extend beyond six weeks plants require large amounts of nitrogen to continue developing properly. They can become nitrogen deficient unless extra nitrogen is added.

Symptoms of a nitrogen deficiency include a dramatic reduction in size and quality of the overall yield.  Older leaves become pale green or yellow, beginning in the tips of the lower leaves and eventually spreading throughout the plant. Plants become spindly and overall growth slows.  In extreme deficiencies, the affected leaves will become brownish, wither, die and hang down around the lower stem

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 25 cm

1 Lite, 5 Liter


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