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  • Athena CaMg

    Athena CaMg

    $50.34 USD


  • Athena PK

    Athena PK

    $50.34 USD

    A balanced bloom boosting complement to our Bloom fertilizers.
    Clean liquid booster is designed to supplement during the mid- to late-flowering phase.
    Low Nitrogen booster that provides additional Phosphorus and Potassium that high-yielding plants require for maximal production. 

  • Athena Pro Balance

    Athena Pro Balance

    $19.36$89.06 USD
    Athena Pro Balance is a powered water-soluble pH up for the professional cultivator.
     Pro Balance concentrate may be mixed at a rate of 0.25 – 1 lb. per gallon.
    Adjust the mix rate and injection rate depending on the amount of pH adjustment required.


  • Athena Pro BLOOM 25Lb

    Athena Pro BLOOM

    $85.18$185.08 USD
    A balanced fertilizer blend of Phosphorus, Potassium, and essential microelements – no boosters needed
    Contains Potassium Sulfate instead of Potassium Nitrate
    Sulfates increase terpene and cannabinoid production (increased secondary metabolite production)


  • Athena Pro core

    Athena Pro CORE

    $85.18$185.08 USD
    Provides strong baseline nutrition across all stages of plant growth
    Calcium Ammonium Nitrate PLUS microelement package
    Microelements are evenly coated for a clean look and homogenous formula


  • Athena Pro Grow

    Athena Pro Grow

    $85.18$185.08 USD