Agrichar BioChar

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Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amending all potting soil mixes, or added directly to native (garden) soils. BioChar can also be added to compost, peat, or other soil supplements rich in nutrients, to further create and personalize growing blends.

BioChar Benefits – Improves the soil’s water and nutrient retention, improves PH level (use less lime), increases soil porosity and pliability, plus it enhances overall plant vigour and growth. Use of BioChar as a soil amendment will encourage the reduction and unnecessary overuse of fertilizers by its inherent natural porous structure.

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Agrichar BioChar

  • Increases soil aeration and soil pliability
  • Nutrients can stick to the sides of biochar creating a long term food source for plant roots and microbes
  • The cell structure of biochar contains tiny pores that provide homes for all kinds of microbiology to take up residence and thrive
  • Increases the diversity and abundance of soil microbes
  • Provides long-term atmospheric carbon sequestration
  • Improves plant growth and increases yields
  • Provides soil remediation, odor control and can reduce heavy metal toxicity in contaminated soils

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2 Liter tub, 28.3 Liter(1 cu ft)