Grodan Big Mama 8″x8″x8″

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Grodan Big Mama


  • Saturate the Grodan Big Mama 8″x8″x8″ Blocks with pH 5.5-6.5 water when starting cuttings
  • When transplanting, use the same strength nutrient solution to soak the new media as you were feeding the plant.
  • If submerging the blocks to saturate, keep them submerged in the solution until bubbling stops


  • If using a drip irrigation system, use one drip stake per Grodan Big Mama 8″x8″x8″. Irrigate as needed to keep the block moist but not saturated.
  • If using an ebb and flow system, irrigate when the Grodan Gro-Block is approximately half its fully saturated weight.
  • If hand watering, keep the block moist but not full saturated.
  • Do not over saturate the block after the initial soak as this can slow plant growth


  • Place a rooted cutting, grown in Grodan starter, into the hole of the Grodan Gro-Block
  • Do not water for several days until the plant has rooted into the Grodan Gro-Block but do not allow the block to go completely dry
  • If needed, lightly mist once per day to keep the top of the block moist
  • Do not allow the block to sit in standing water

Transplanting for Larger Plants

  • For smaller short term crops, Grodan Gro-Blocks are all you need. To grow larger plants, you can transplant Gro-Blocks on to Grodan Slabs , Grodan loose media, or soil
  • Prior to transplanting, make sure that the plant is well established with multiple roots appearing on the bottom of the Grodan Gro-Block
  • When transplanting to a container or outdoor garden, make sure the new media is very wet at the time of initial transplant

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