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  • General Hydroponics CaliMagic

    General Hydroponics CaliMagic

    $19.32$208.31 USD

    Calcium Magnesium Supplement

  • Marinis Seaweed

    Marinis Seaweed

    $18.97$61.18 USD
    • 100% concentrated liquid seaweed Marinis is entirely soluble and contains many trace-elements and growth hormones
    •  organic non-toxic fertilizer
    •  Use for indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro

    Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro

    $21.68$61.18 USD

    Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro  2-15-4  is a concentrated blossom booster designed to help plants initiate flowering and develop large, vibrant, aromatic blooms.

  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow

    $21.68$61.18 USD

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow  7-9-5  is an all-purpose complete nutrition formula containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs.  It is used to promote both foliage and bloom growth.


  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom

    $21.68$61.18 USD

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom 3-12-6  is specifically formulated to be used during the flowering stage.  Begin using BLOOM before your plants decide to shift into the flowering phase.

  • Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro

    Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro

    $10.84$61.18 USD

    Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro has obtained tissue analyses of dozens of Cannabis indica hybrids.  These data have been used to create the most effective, complete, and balanced cannabis nutrient on the market.

    Will be back by end of Feb. 2023.
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  • Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold

    $15.10$37.95 USD

    Rambridge Liquid Gold (0 – 0.14 – 0.09) can be added directly to your reservoir water. It is compatible with any nutrient. Liquid Gold will increase the cell metabolic rate which translates into better growth. Can be effectively applied by foliar spraying. Absorbed directly into the plant tissue and regular daily spraying will treat new…

  • Green Up

    Green Up

    $14.71$37.95 USD

    Rambridge Green Up (1 – 3.5 – 0) is designed to reduce yellowing when cuttings are rooting. It has the ability to feed a cutting before the roots have developed. DO NOT foliar spray Green Up directly on cuttings, seedlings or maturing plants. Green-Up is compatible with all quality brand name nutrients. Can be used…

  • Growth Plus

    Growth Plus

    $15.10$177.34 USD

    Growth Plus (0.5 – 4 – 5) is a plant extract which is quality controlled for particular growth hormones. To name a few – Cytokinins – Auxins – Enzymes – Giberellins – Ethylenes – plus many Micro-nutrients. Directions: Shake well before using. Apply NON-Toxic Growth Plus in the early mournings or late afternoon for the…

  • H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)

    $13.16$104.54 USD


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  • Pi Nutrients Super Root

    $22.30$147.14 USD
    • Use SUPER ROOT to maintain the vigor of indoor and outdoor plants while rooting and to treat over / under watering
    • Stress relief for plants 
  • Pi Nutrients Xtra Weight

    $9.22$81.31 USD
    • XTRA WEIGHT is an expertly formulated source of nutrients and sugars for flowering plants.
    • Use Xtra Weight up to the last two weeks of Flowering.
    • AKA Molasses
  • Grotek Solo-Tek Bloom

    $22.46 USD

    For best results switch to Solo-Tek Bloom 7-10 days before flowering. Excellent results are possible as a stand-alone; explosive with added supplements!

  • Grotek Solo-Tek Grow

    $22.46 USD

    For best results switch to Solo-Tek Grow™ at the onset of rapid vegetative growth. Excellent results are possible as a stand-alone, explosive with added supplements!

  • vitamax pro

    VitaMax Pro

    $21.68$138.62 USD

    Based on a university developed proprietary kelp extraction process, the new Vitamax Pro contains unparalleled energy from the ocean, plant proteins, a diverse array of nutrients and organic acids essential for growth. This supplement can enhance virtually all feed programs by increasing the depth and complexity of plant available nutrition. SHAKE WELL before using. Soil/Soilless/Water…

  • Sale! GROTEK Pro-Silicate

    GROTEK Pro-Silicate

    $12.39$65.05 USD

    Key features:

    • Provides elevated levels of silica
    • Strengthens plants
    • Supports higher yields