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  • Chelated Iron DTPA 11%

    Chelated Iron DTPA 11%

    $22.46 USD

    Chelated Iron DTPA 11% – 500g Chelated Iron DTPA 11% is used to treat or prevent iron deficiency such as iron chlorosis in plants.  Iron is an essential micronutrient as it supports many plant functions including the production of chlorophyll which is required for photosynthesis.  Without enough iron, leaves will begin to appear yellow to…

  • Hydroponic Mason Jar Countertop Garden

    Mason Jar Countertop Garden

    $17.04 USD

    Gardening with hydroponics is easy with our Hydroponic Mason Jar Countertop Garden!  This kit comes with everything you need to grow fresh veggies at home year-round.  Makes a great gift for any gardener too! With this Hydroponic Mason Jar Countertop Garden, anyone can easily grow fresh herbs and greens using the Kratky method of hydroponic…

  • Masterblend Lettuce Formula

    Masterblend Lettuce Formula

    $20.13$66.60 USD

    Description Masterblend Lettuce Formula (8-15-36) is specifically formulated to maximize yield with all types of lettuce and other greens and it’s now available in Canada. Ideal for use in any hydroponic system and even in soil.  It is 100% water soluble so it won’t clog sprayers and when used with magnesium sulfate and calcium nitrate…

  • Masterblend Tomato Formula

    Masterblend Tomato Formula

    $20.13$66.60 USD