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  • Sale! MaxiBloom


    $15.45 USD

    Use MaxiBloom  in the reproductive stage for all fruiting and flowering plants. MaxiBloom encourages prolific flowering and fruiting, and it increases extraordinary yields and crop quality.  

  • Sale! MaxiGro


    $15.45 USD

    MaxiGro Encourages growth of seedlings and cuttings and stimulates rapid growth through the “vegetative” growth stage

  • KoolBloom Dry

    Dry KoolBloom

    $30.98$170.37 USD

    General Hydroponics Dry KoolBloom is packed with the potency your plants prefer in the final stages of flowering for raging weight gain and ripening to perfection. The ingredients that make KoolBloom unique will make your fruits swell, while exponentially increasing the production of essential oils and floral fragrance. Dry KoolBloom forces abundant flowering and boosts…