GH FloraPro Grow

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Specifically designed for use in commercial cultivation. FloraPro Grow 10-12-22 will provide your plants with excellent concentrations and ratios of nutrients to help optimize vegetative growth. FloraPro Grow fertilizer is designed to be used as part of the FloraPro product system to provide a complete fertilizer program.

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GH FloraPro Grow, specially formulated for high value production crops. Our unique formulation and methodology produce superior results in large scale operations. Designed from the ground up for fertilizer injection systems. FloraPro Grow is easy to use and highly water soluble. Our complete and balanced formula is cost effective. While still being scalable and consistent to meet the high standards of a competitive industry. The FloraPro lineup consists of Flora Pro GrowFlora Pro Bloom, and Flora Pro Calcium + Micros

FloraPro™ is a two-stage system, containing three products. During each growth phase — vegetative and flowering — you will use two of the three FloraPro™ products. During the vegetative stage, use FloraPro Grow and FloraPro™ Ca + Micros to build strong roots, stems and leaves. Then, during the bloom cycle, use both FloraPro™ Bloom and FloraPro™ Ca + Micros to supply plants the specific nutrients they require to grow large fruits and flowers. With these combinations, you can help deliver the precise nutrient ratios commercial plants like cannabis, microgreens, and culinary and aroma therapeutic herbs crave.

FloraPro™ uses technical-grade nutrients to provide precise minerals in the right proportions and a balanced nutritional formula for vigorous growth. For your finely tuned and demanding industrial operation, insist on high-quality inputs for a high-quality output.

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