Gaia Green Alfalfa Meal

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  • A great organic source of nitrogen and potassium.
  • Readily decomposes to release nutrients, with no risk of burning.
  • An excellent compost activator
  • Alfalfa contains compounds known to benefit plant growth.



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GAIA GREEN Alfalfa Meal is rich in nitrogen and potassium. It helps benefit plant growth through enhanced nutrient release and improved soil quality.

In addition to being a great fertilizer, our Alfalfa Meal is one of the best compost activators. Especially when combined with Glacial Rock Dust.  I will not only accelerate the composting process, but also increases nutrient content in finished compost. It can also be brewed into a tea and applied as a foliar feed.


Gardens, ornamental landscapes and lawns: 1kg per 2.5m² (2.2lbs per 25ft²), apply once per month or as required.


GAIA GREEN Alfalfa Meal is approved for use in organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada (in compliance with Canada’s Organic Production Systems General Principles & Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists (CAN/CGSB 32.310-2015 and CAN/CGSB 32.311-2015)

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Alfalfa Meal

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