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  • ChitoSal


    $29.04$278.01 USD
    ChitoSal uses two powerful plant effectors in order to trigger a cascade response which leads to several beneficial changes.
    Use only once every 2 weeks

    250 ml Bottle does    100 Liters
    500 ml Bottle does    200 Liters
    1 Liter  Bottle does    400 Liters
    4 Liter  Bottle does   1600 Liters

  • Kelp Man Liquid Kelp

    Kelp Man Liquid Kelp

    $27.84$92.89 USD

    Liquid kelp fertilizer is 100% environmentally friendly.
    Used for Indoor/outdoor plants, hydroponics, sprouting, lawns/grass, or hanging baskets.
    It will also help plants recover from stress or shock