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  • Dyna-Gro Bonsai Pro

    Dyna-Gro Bonsai Pro

    $10.84 USD

    Dyna-Gro Bonsai Pro 7-9-5: Bonsai trees, like all other plants, require N-P-K plus all the other macro and micro nutritional elements to survive.  While normal trees are able to broaden their root systems

    8 Fluid Oz

  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow

    $23.22$65.82 USD

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow  7-9-5  is an all-purpose complete nutrition formula containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs.  It is used to promote both foliage and bloom growth.

  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom

    $23.22$65.82 USD

    Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom 3-12-6  is specifically formulated to be used during the flowering stage.  Begin using BLOOM before your plants decide to shift into the flowering phase.


  • Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro

    Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro

    $10.84$69.69 USD

    Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro has obtained tissue analyses of dozens of Cannabis indica hybrids.  These data have been used to create the most effective, complete, and balanced cannabis nutrient on the market.

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