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  • Bluelab KCL Storage Solution

    Bluelab KCL Storage Solution

    $15.10$24.78 USD
    Our Bluelab KCL Storage Solution is designed specifically for use with pH Pens or pH Probes. 
    Storage solution is used to ensure a pH probe is kept in ideal conditions while  not in use.
  • BlueLab Calibration Solution pH7

    BlueLab Calibration Solution pH7

    $11.58$19.32 USD

    BlueLab Calibration Solution pH7 is a very necessary part of a growers toolbox. They are required for the calibration and checking of Bluelab meters and controllers. Our solutions are manufactured specific to the calibration process and referenced to high class laboratory standards by Bluelab.

  • Bluelab Conductivity Probe Care

    Bluelab Conductivity Probe Care

    $17.42 USD

    Everything you need to clean and maintain your conductivity probes

    Your Bluelab Probe Care Kit – Conductivity contains: 

    • Probe care instructions 
    • Two 18 ml single-use sachets of Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Standard Solution 
    • One plastic cup 
    • Bluelab Conductivity Probe Cleaner 
    • Chamois for cleaning your conductivity probe 
    • Packaging may vary
  • Bluelab Probe Care Kit – pH

    Bluelab Probe Care Kit – pH

    $24.01 USD

    Bluelab Probe Care Kit – pH Everything you need to clean, hydrate and calibrate pH probes. The instrument is only as accurate as the probe is clean. Accurate readings simplify crop management and provide improved growth. Probe cleaning and correctly storing pH probes ensures you get the most accurate readings possible and will maximize the…

  • BlueLab Combo Meter

    BlueLab Combo Meter

    $270.27 USD


    • Measures pH, conductivity / nutrient
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Large easy to read display
    • Simple push button pH calibration
    • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
    • Replaceable double junction pH probe included
    • 2 x AAA alkaline batteries included


  • Bluelab PPM Pen

    Bluelab PPM Pen

    $94.48 USD

    Bluelab  ppm Pen The ultimate handy solution for measuring conductivity (EC or ppm) and temperature! The Bluelab EC or ppm Pen simply tells you that your plants have the right amount of nutrient in your solution and lets you know if adjustments are needed. To feed plants well, we need to know what we’re feeding…