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  • pro-mix stim root

    Pro Mix Stim Root

    $5.23 USD
    • 0.1% IBA Rooting Powder – 25 g
    • Formulated to encourage quick establishment of roots
    • For general garden use, vegetables and flowers
    • Stimulates rapid rootings of cuttings
    • Rooting medium could be either solid (soil, peat, etc.) or liquid.
  • stim root powder

    Stim Root Powder

    $41.82$55.76 USD

    #1 is used on softwood cuttings

    # 2 is used on semi hard wood cuttings

    # 3 is used on hardwood cuttings.

    These 25 gram bottles in #1,#2 and #3 have been discontinued by manufacturer
    A new all in one product called Pro Mix Stim Root