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  • Grotek Solo-Tek Bloom

    $21.68 USD

    For best results switch to Solo-Tek Bloom 7-10 days before flowering. Excellent results are possible as a stand-alone; explosive with added supplements!

  • Grotek Solo-Tek Grow

    $21.68 USD

    For best results switch to Solo-Tek Grow™ at the onset of rapid vegetative growth. Excellent results are possible as a stand-alone, explosive with added supplements!

  • vitamax pro

    VitaMax Pro

    $20.13$138.62 USD

    Based on a university developed proprietary kelp extraction process, the new Vitamax Pro contains unparalleled energy from the ocean, plant proteins, a diverse array of nutrients and organic acids essential for growth. This supplement can enhance virtually all feed programs by increasing the depth and complexity of plant available nutrition. SHAKE WELL before using. Soil/Soilless/Water…

  • bud fuel pro

    Bud Fuel Pro

    $13.38$167.27 USD

    Key features:

    • Transitional product (growth/flowering)
    • Highly soluble minerals provide for emerging flowers
    • Key organic extracts synergize quality minerals
    • Designed to work with Blossom Blaster Pro
  • liquid weight

    Green Planet Liquid Weight

    $11.62$151.01 USD


    • Instant energy for plants
    • Food Source for beneficial microbes
    • Contains a complex blend of carbohydrates
    • Increases resin and essential oil production
    • Protects against plant stress
    • Increases flavour and taste
    • Increases yields