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  • Sale! monster grow pro

    Monster Grow

    $11.62$30.20 USD

    Key features:

    • Improves leaf area index (size)
    • Develops secondary roots
    • Loads phosphorous to be ready for flowering stage
  • Sale! monster bloom

    Monster Bloom

    Original price was: $34.46.Current price is: $30.20. USD

    Key features:

    • Builds larger flower clusters
    • Improves harvest yield
    • Helps crops ripen
    • Increases shelf life
  • Calcium Peroxide

    Calcium Peroxide

    $19.32$216.06 USD

    Calcium Peroxide as an amendment to your potting soil. The recommended rate  is: 9 grams/1 tbsp/15ml per 1 gallon of soil/4 liters. If you would like to mix larger quantities mix in 4tbs (60ml) per cubic foot. Approximately 16-20 tbs (240-300ml) per bale of Pro-Mix. Always wear a mask or respirator, gloves, and goggles (especially…