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  • Dutch Treat Cactus Soil 5 Liter

    $3.87 USD
    Dutch Treat Cactus Soil is a tested and proven growing medium with proper drainage, that gives your cactus the proper growing combination to give early signs of size, colour, vigour and root system. Feed plants regularly with a balanced fertilizer. Note: Excess soil moisture can cause root rot. Do not over water.

    5 Liter

  • DutchTreat Perlite


    $7.71$27.10 USD
    Due to perlite shortages
    Bags not exactly as shown in picture
    New stock of 110L arriving weekly. Usually only lasts 1 or 2 days.


  • Vermiculite


    $9.29$48.40 USD

    Vermiculite, a plant aid and soil conditioner, lightens heavy soils and holds moisture in sandy soils. Vermiculite is excellent as a rooting medium, for rooting cuttings, starting seeds, storing bulbs and for floral arrangements.