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  • Optic Foliar Shift

    Optic Foliar Shift

    $13.55$77.05 USD

    Optic Foliar Shift allows your plants to transition into bloom, by preventing and combating key stress factors that can delay the formation of bloom sets. By utilizing Optic Foliar SWITCH early in the first 2 weeks of bloom; growers are then able to ensure that their plants will begin to form flower sites and maximize…

  • Botanicare Hydroplex

    Botanicare Hydroplex

    $37.95$189.73 USD

    Botanicare Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer (0 – 10 – 6), now includes a broader range of amino acids, more trace minerals and more select, beneficial vitamins. Use Hydroplex in conjunction with any base bloom nutrient to maximize the yield potential of fruiting and flowering plants. Structured to create larger fruits and flowers. and increase plants resistance to external…