Tomato Clips

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Tomato clips, also known as body clips, tomato trellis clips and garden clips, are greenhouse accessories which are widely used in commercial greenhouses and gardens in order to fix plants to netting, plant supports, plant ladders and twine trellises speedily and easily.

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UV stabilized and are used to attached plant stems to stakes or twine for support.

The main advantages of tomato trellis clips are listed below:

1. Promote better air circulation and minimize disease risks. Air circulation is improved by using clips which have ventilated design. With improved air circulation, risk of fungal diseases, which caused from less moisture and air flow, such as Botrytis fungus, is minimized.
2. One clip can be used in many plants throughout multiple growing seasons. Because of quick-release feature of plant clips, it is easy to move and reuse them. When plants grow bigger, tomato clips can be easily taken from expanded plant and moved to new plants or stems with the least effort and harm to plant stems.
3. Trellis clips can be used throughout multiple growing seasons in a year. It is not applicable to all kinds of tomato clips, but clips with UV stabilizer, which Harvesso supplies, have longer life. UV stabilizer protects clips from the long-term damages of UV light and this feature allows to use body clips for more than one growing season in a year.
4. Optimize time and labor when comparing with other trellising methods. It is very practical to install the clips, because of easy-to-close feature. With only one hand about 1500 clips can be installed in an hour and it is obvious that it saves time and labor in greenhouses.
5. Maximize greenhouse growing space. Tomato clips are perfect tools for growing vertically. They are fastened to twine trellises in greenhouses, which enable vertical growing. With growing vertically, plants cover less area while growers harvest more yields. Vertical growing makes leaves and fruits reachable for pruning and harvesting. Plants can be checked, maintained and adjusted for pruning, pollination and harvesting easily and rapidly thanks to easy-to-open and non-slippery features of tomato clips.

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