Soil Moist

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  • stores over 200 times its weight in tap water
  • releases a steady supply of water as your plants need it
  • non-toxic, safe and economical to use
  • reduces plant watering by 50%
  • reduces transplant shock
  • lasts several seasons

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Ideal for Containers, Baskets, Gardens, Vegetables, Turf & Trees

JRM features a wide array of products to help reduce your time, efforts and money for your home landscaping. Soil Moist 1Lb Jar reduce your plant waterings by 50%, reduce transplant shock and soil compaction and is effective in the soil for 3-5 years. It is an effective water management aid that is ideal for interior and exterior plantings such as for trees, shrubs, containers, baskets, flower beds, vegetables and turf. Soil Moist acts as a form of insurance for the plant and is environmentally friendly.**

Note: Soil Moist  must be incorporated into the soil at the root level of the plant/green good. Do not top dress or place on the surface. All of our products should be kept out of drains. Dispose of in trash container. If material should enter a drain, add table salt and flush with hot water. Although our products are non-toxic and environmentally safe, they are not food products and should not be taken internally. Keep out of reach of children, or children should be supervised by an adult when handling these products. 

Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7 is a synthetic acrylic water storing polymer blended with an 8-9 month timed release 7-7-7 fertilizer.

JRM offers several polymer products that also include a timed release fertilizer.  These products will reduce waterings and feed the plant for an extended period of time:

Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7 granular is a synthetic acrylic water storing polymer blended with an 8-9 month timed release 7-7-7 fertilizer. It is a safe, non-toxic polymer used in all horticultural and landscape applications. When used according to the application rates, SOIL MOIST PLUS 7-7-7 will reduce irrigation frequency by 50%** and last 3-5 years** in the soil. The fertilizer is effective in the soil for 8-9 months at 70°F.

** Results may vary depending on soil conditions such as salt, pH, microorganisms, u-v light

Moisture crystals, polymer crystals,

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Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 cm

Soil Moist 1 Lb, Soil Moist 8 Oz, Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7