Remo’s Mega Supplement Pack

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Nature’s Candy

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Remo’s Mega Supplement Pack is a combination of Astro Flower, VeloKelp, Magnifical and Natures Candy.  Combined to get the best deal on these 4 Mega super supplements.


Promotes flower development

This precise blend of fossilized organics target the areas of your plant that control bud development and assists with the production of essential oils and aromatics, and increasing potency.


Remo Nutrients’ top secret mega-supplement

VeloKelp’s amazing formula is packed with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, specifically designed to support a thriving garden. It can be used during in all stages of growth, however VeloKelp is most beneficial during early plant development:

Propagation: Promotes vigorous root development and assists with reducing transplant shock. Vegetative Cycle:  Helps with the generation of new shoots and appendages. Flowering Cycle:  Assists with nutrient uptake


Provides essential macrominerals to your plants


Our formula has been specially designed speed up absorption rates and can start affecting your plants within a couple of hours after use.

Nature’s Candy

Promotes and supports beneficial bacteria and fungi development

Our unique blend of carbohydrates and amino acids is extremely beneficial for all stages of plant development. The multiple sugar varieties help with feeding beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone. While the amino acids help in improving nutrient uptake and micro flora levels.

Remo’s Mega Supplement Pack

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