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  • 16MM Plasticized Metal Stake

    16MM Plasticized Metal Stake

    $2.13$3.10 USD
    • 16MM  X  4′,5′,6′,7′,8′
    • Plastic coated metal stake
    • 50 per case
    8 foot now in stock
    Sorry, 6 foot and over too long to ship
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  • 8mm Plasticized Metal Stakes

    8mm Plasticized Metal Stakes

    $9.10$15.49 USD
    • 8MM  X  3′,4′,5′,6′
    • Plastic coated metal stake
    • 10 per pack

    This Product Is Not Recommended For Shipping Due to Length

  • MONDI BAMBOO STAKES (Pkg of 25) 4' 8MM


    $3.86$7.74 USD

    Bamboo works well for different types of stakes to help keep your plants upright because it is lightweight, inexpensive and durable. Simply push a bamboo pole into the ground until it is stable, and tie the main stem of your plant to the pole with plant ties or twine. For more elaborate staking for larger plants or for climbing vegetables, build a bamboo tripod by inserting three poles into the ground and tying them together at the top.