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    $25.17 USD

    The FloraFlex INCUBATOR KIT  includes the full Incubator System of components. It has been designed to accelerate growth through patent pending aerated convection. Used together with the Incubator Bottom Tray, the Incubator Dome can be used completely closed or allow airflow using our signature airflow lifts. The Incubator 50 Cell – 40|40 Insert Tray 1.25″ nests inside the system with easy to grab and lift handles.

    Kit Includes:
    1 x Incubator 50 Cell – 40|40 Insert Tray 1.25″
    1 x Bottom Tray
    1 x Incubator Dome

  • Sunblaster Propogation Kit

    Sunblaster Propagation Kit

    $40.27$61.95 USD


    • 1    Nanodome
    • 1   10 X 20 nursery flat
    • 1   18″ T-5 Combo or 18″ LED
  • HGA Prop 43

    HGA Prop 43

    $13.55 USD

    This propagator is a versatile model with a crystal clear transparent lid, which ensures the best possible light. 2 large ventilation sliders provide extra control over humidity and temperature. In short this propagator can easily, because of it dimensions, be placed anywhere, both inside and outside the house.

    • Polypropylene Tray
    • Polystyrene Dome
    • Stronger than other dome and trays
    • 2 vents
    • Smaller than regular 10×20 trays
    • Size: 38x24x18 cm  (9x14x7 inch)


  • MONDI Vented Domes

    MONDI Vented Domes

    $4.45$5.42 USD
    • A professional propagation dome for starting seeds or cuttings
    • Designed to provide more cubic volume for your growing plants
    • Constructed from heavy duty, high grade plastic to maximize light penetration and stand up to repeated use
    • Perfectly fitted for standard 1020 trays, to create a tight seal and reduce moisture loss

    size of product greatly increases shipping amount

  • SunBlaster Nano Dome

    SunBlaster Nano Dome

    $6.66 USD

    A lot of thought went into our SunBlaster 7″ NanoDome, because we wanted it to be more than just enable people to garden, we wanted it to help people grow better!

    This dome allows both our T5 NanoTech lights and our new LED Strip Lights to fit securely in the dome, ensuring lights stay centered, and plants receive even light coverage.

    We designed the dome to fit our Quad Thick and Double thick trays, but it will fit most any make of 1020 tray available.

    size of product greatly increases shipping amount