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  • Hyclean


    $17.77$367.84 USD

    When used during your grow, HYCLEAN™ prevents buildup of salts, minerals and fertilizers in your irrigation and drip lines.

    Maintain your equipment during your grow and in between cycles. HYCLEAN™‘s natural chelating agent keeps your grow system clean, and running more optimally throughout.

    HYCLEAN™ elevates your grow. It removes excess nutrients, salts, and minerals that may cause toxicities or imbalances, resulting in a higher quality finished product.

  • Hygrozyme/grozyme


    $30.20$401.91 USD

    Hygrozyme  Horticultural Enzyme Formula

    Hygrozyme is North America’s #1 concentrated enzyme formula and  provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter. This process unlocks additional nutrients and helps plants thrive by stimulating new root growth.
  • Hyshield


    $23.97$271.00 USD
    • Unique formula is derived from exoskeletons of crustaceans.
    • Chitosan, the active ingredient in HYSHIELD, is extracted from crab shells, which are a by-product of the crab fisheries.
    • Chitosan as a derivate of the naturally occurring compound Chitin, when given to plants helps activate the plant’s natural defense mechanisms fighting any potential diseases, pests and pathogens.
    • HYSHIELD has been created with an environmentally sustainable approach in mind using crab and shrimp shells that would otherwise be discarded in landfills.
    • Our innovative formula provides the necessary boost your plants require.

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