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  • Gaia Green Worm Castings

    Gaia Green Worm Castings

    $11.58$38.68 USD
    • A premium vermicompost produced with African nightcrawlers fed a diet of peat moss and organic grains.
    • Loaded with beneficial microorganisms to enhance nutrient availability and improve soil quality.
    • High organic matter content improves soil nutrient and water holding capacity.
    • Improves soil structure, which enhances aeration and drainage properties.


  • TriCity Worm Castings

    TriCity Worm Castings

    $12.38 USD

    For Potted Plants:
    Mix 1/2 to 1 cup of castings into the first inch of the soil every 3-4 months

    For Transplants:
    Mix 1-2 cups of castings into transplant hole prior to transplanting

    For Seed Starting:
    Mix 1 part castings for every 4 part seed starting medium (e.g. coco coir, peat moss)

  • Pure Life (GRO 4) Worm Castings

    Pure Life (GRO 4) Worm Castings

    $14.67$22.07 USD
    • Certified Organic
    • Pro-Cert Certified
    • OMRI Listed
  • Worm Castings

    Worm Castings 30L

    $26.72 USD

     Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings are the odorless, natural manure of the earthworm. Completely non-toxic and safe around children & pets

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