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  • Sale! GROW!T Coco Chips

    GROW!T Coco Chips

    Original price was: $22.07.Current price is: $20.10. USD
    2 cubic feet compressed
    • OMRI LISTED Organic
    • Promotes growth on tropical plants and flowers
    • Works Indoor and Outdoor
    • Retains water
    • Resists Fungus


  • Sale! GROW!T Coco Croutons

    GROW!T Coco Croutons

    Original price was: $22.07.Current price is: $20.10. USD
    28 Liter Bag

    Lightweight coconut croutons. A great organic alternative to clay pellets or rocks. Coco Coir croutons are fresh water rinsed and ready to use. They have a porous structure for easy root penetration. The croutons’ water holding capacity is similar to clay pellets.


  • Canna Coco Professional Plus 50 L

    Canna Coco Professional Plus

    $7.74$24.39 USD
    • Strong root formation, powerful growth and reusability are combined in the CANNA Coco substrate.
    • CANNA Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.
    • It also combines the tolerance and organic nature of soil, with the feeding precision when growing in hydroponics.
    • It has a complex balance between water and air which means that it outstrips other substrates.
    • CANNA Coco substrate has been developed and tailored to the needs of the CANNA grower.

    50 Liter bag will greatly increase shipping charges
    10 Liter size is a clear bag we do here ourselves

  • Canna RootPlugs Case of 1000

    Canna RootPlugs Case of 1000

    $188.06 USD
    • Suitable for all seeds and cuttings
    • Quick and easy water absorption
    • Easy transplanting & fast rooting, cutting down pre-veg time
    • Perfect balance between aeration & moisture retention
    • Compatible with all natural substrates, such as coco and peat-based potting mixes
    • Fully compostable and degradable
    • Packaged dry for a longer shelf life