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  • Sale! GROW!T Coco Chips

    GROW!T Coco Chips

    $20.10 USD
    2 cubic feet compressed
    • OMRI LISTED Organic
    • Promotes growth on tropical plants and flowers
    • Works Indoor and Outdoor
    • Retains water
    • Resists Fungus


  • Sale! GROW!T Coco Croutons

    GROW!T Coco Croutons

    $20.10 USD
    28 Liter Bag

    Lightweight coconut croutons. A great organic alternative to clay pellets or rocks. Coco Coir croutons are fresh water rinsed and ready to use. They have a porous structure for easy root penetration. The croutons’ water holding capacity is similar to clay pellets.


  • Canna Coco Professional Plus 50 L

    Canna Coco Professional Plus

    $7.74$20.13 USD
    • Strong root formation, powerful growth and reusability are combined in the CANNA Coco substrate.
    • CANNA Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.
    • It also combines the tolerance and organic nature of soil, with the feeding precision when growing in hydroponics.
    • It has a complex balance between water and air which means that it outstrips other substrates.
    • CANNA Coco substrate has been developed and tailored to the needs of the CANNA grower.

    50 Liter bag will greatly increase shipping charges
    10 Liter size is clear bag we do here ourselves