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  • autopot 4 pot system

    AutoPot 4 Pot System

    $135.52 USD

    4Pot System includes:

    1x 47ltr tank, lid & 9mm top hat grommet
    1x 9mm golf filter
    4x 9mm tee
    2x 9mm cross connector
    2x 9mm inline taps
    4x 1Pot trays & lids
    4x 15 litre pots
    4x AQUAvalves5
    4x root control discs
    4x marix discs
    1x 4 metre length of 9mm pipe



    $6.58 USD

    The AirDome has been designed to increase the amount of air around the root zone in the pot. If you are lucky enough to have power in your greenhouse this little addition can drastically increase yields. It is very simple to use once assembled, which will take less than 30 seconds.

  • autopot aquavalve

    Autopot Aquavalve

    $14.71 USD

    The autopot aquavalve is a simple but very effective watering device but needs to be treated with care. Keep the AQUAvalve and the tray it sits in clean, free of obstructions.