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  • Mag-Drive Utility Pumps

    Mag-Drive Utility Pumps

    $40.66$162.62 USD

    Our Mag-Drive Utility Pumps have been designed and manufactured using the latest developments in magnetic technology. The pump consists of a power unit encased in water-proof epoxy which creates a magnetic field. This drives a powerful ceramic magnetic impeller, the only moving part. Submersible or in-line use for saltwater and freshwater aquariums and ponds.

  • Mondi 1585 Pumps

    Mondi 1585 Pumps

    $96.80 USD

    Mondi 1585 Pumps are Portable & Multifunctional high volume submersible water pump ideal for transferring unwanted clean water from any shallow flooded area, water gardening, water features, waterfalls & re-circulating water.