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PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK for Micro-green Growing

Gardening requires the right foundation, and with it you can make all the difference. PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK offers just that, with its consistent performance, seedling-friendly formula, and organic certification. 

It provides the support you need for healthy plants and abundant harvests— all while staying true to sustainable, organic practices. Created with precision and enriched with mycorrhizae, a symbiotic fungus, it works to enhance plant health and nutrient absorption. 

PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK is more than just a growing medium, it’s a catalyst for a flourishing garden.


PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK is tailored to meet the unique requirements of various crops, from tender vegetable transplants to strong greenhouse vegetables and beyond, it sets the stage for success in every stage of growth.

  1. Vegetable transplants: PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK provides the perfect blend of aeration and moisture retention to support the young plants as they move towards maturity.
  1. Greenhouse vegetables: PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK offers an unparalleled foundation for thriving crops. Its consistent formulation and organic integrity ensure that each plant receives the nutrients and support it needs to flourish.
  1. Organic Crops: PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK stands as a beacon of sustainability and purity. Approved for use in certified organic production, this innovative growing medium upholds the highest standards of environmental stewardship while delivering impressive results, crop after crop.


It is backed by a range of certifications that validate its commitment to quality, sustainability, and organic integrity.

  1. Veriflora Certification: Premier Tech’s peat moss, the key component of PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK, is sourced from bogs certified under the Veriflora Program. This certification signifies adherence to rigorous standards of sustainable development, encompassing environmental assessment, social engagement, and product quality.
  2. CDFA Organic Input Material Registration: Recognized by the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA), PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK is registered as an Organic Input Material, further affirming its suitability for use in certified organic production. 
  1. OMRI Listing: As a testament to its organic purity and efficacy, PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), an independent organization dedicated to upholding organic integrity. 

Benefits of Using PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK

Listed below are the benefits of using PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK:

  1. Consistent Performance: With PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK, you can expect reliable results every time. Its consistent formulation ensures that your plants receive the same level of care with each use, reducing uncertainty and allowing you to plan with confidence.
  2. Gentle on Seedlings: Starting your garden from seeds? PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK provides a nurturing environment that won’t harm delicate seedlings. Say goodbye to worries about burns or stress—this growing medium is designed to support healthy growth from the very beginning.
  3. Organic Certification: PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK is a trusted choice. Certified for use in organic production, it meets strict standards while still delivering the performance you expect. Embrace sustainable gardening with peace of mind, knowing that your practices align with your values.

If you’re ready to take your garden to the next level? Try PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK today and experience the difference for yourself.


  1. What is in pro-mix MP? 

PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK is a premium organic growing medium enriched with mycorrhizae. It features a balanced blend of ingredients designed to provide optimal air and water qualities for plant growth. 

  1. Is PRO-MIX HP organic? 

Yes, PRO-MIX MP ORGANIK, is certified organic and approved for use in organic production.

  1. Is PRO-MIX MP Organik suitable for organic gardening?

Yes, PRO-MIX MP Organik is specifically designed and approved for use in organic gardening. It conforms to and is approved for organic standards, making it an ideal choice for certified organic growers.

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