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  • Fibrgro Open Top Bag 2 Gallon (18/Cs)

    Fibrgro Open Top Bag 2 Gallon (18/Cs)

    $64.66 USD

    The Fibrgro Open Top Bag is designed to be used both as a propagation unit and a growing unit in the greenhouse. The Fibrgro Open Top Bag allows to propagate larger plants and it brings immediate cost savings for the grower as this product has a double function (propagation cube and growbag in one).

    Bricks are 8″x8″x8″ when expanded
    44+ Case Wholesale pricing available

    In-store discount for Multiples purchased

  • Sale! Grove Bags Windowed Pouches

    Grove Bags Windowed Pouches

    $0.62$66.99 USD

    TGrove Bags TerpLoc pouch line is designed around the plants unique properties to maintain weight, prevent mold, and preserve the terpene profile. Once your product is sealed inside, all unwanted gases and water vapor are actively diffused. Through the pouches layers creating a relative humidity level of 62% and limiting the oxidation of the product stored inside.

    No burp curing, no humidity pack storage, better results. The hype is real.

    Save money and shipping cost by buying the 10 Pack

    All sizes In Stock
  • Sale! Grow Bags (Pack of 25)

    Grow Bags (Cases)

    $38.68$115.39 USD
    • Grow Bags
    • Durable and UV treated
    • Include drainage holes
    • Easy to store

    Some cases might not be in stock.
    Please call ahead to confirm availability

  • Sale! XXXTractor Bags

    XXXTractor Bags

    $76.67$154.84 USD

    This kit contains:

    • Red bag – 220 microns
    • Orange bag – 75 microns
    • Yellow bag – 25 microns
  • Zip-Zag Storage Bags

    Zip-Zag Storage Bags

    $9.91$77.44 USD

    Small  Zip Zag    16cm x 17cm

    Large Zip Zag     27cm x 28cm

    XL  Zip  Zag       43cm x 44cm

    Lots in Stock


  • Sale! Grow Bags (Pack of 25)

    Grow Bags (Pack of 25)

    $1.94$10.65 USD
    • Grow Bags
    • Durable and UV treated
    • Include drainage holes
    • Easy to store


  • Pump Filter Bag

    Pump Filter Bag

    $9.68$11.23 USD
    • Reusable filter bag also used for compost tea
    • 2 different sizes
    • zippered filter bag to prevent pump clogging
    • Filters all forms of biological and nutrient sediments
    • Increases pump life while reducing cleaning maintenance
    • Fits most pump sizes up to 1000 GPH
    • Gusseted bottom ensures proper pump seating
    • corrosion-proof zipper at top for easy closing.
  • Magriculture Magnesium Sulphate

    Magriculture Magnesium Sulphate

    $42.59 USD

    OMRI Listed

    50 Lb bag


  • Fibrgro Premium Coco 50L

    Fibrgro Premium Coco 50L

    $19.75 USD
    • RHP Certified to ensure the highest physical and chemical specifications have been met
    • Pre washed and buffered to prevent calcium and magnesium lockout while stabilizing pH value
    • Naturally free from harmful pathogens, pests, and weeds.
    • Excellent for cultivating ornamental plants, vegetables and potted plants.
    • Balanced pH and low EC value
    • Superior air-to-water ratio for maximum results

    Introductory pricing available.
    In-store discount for Multiple bags purchased

  • Canna Terra Professional Plus

    Canna Terra Professional Plus

    $21.68 USD
    • Strong root formation, powerful growth and reusability.
    • Free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.
    • The highest quality of raw materials.
    • Exclusive, high grade ingredients such as airy peat moss and different types of tree bark.
    • They have an antiseptic effect and increase aeration qualities.
    • Contains all the elements plants need during their first week, meaning no additional feeding is needed at that time!
    • pH-adjusted for long-term control with a lime charge large enough to last an entire cycle.
  • Bulk Media Scoop 2.5L

    Bulk Media Scoop 2.5L

    $7.71 USD

    With a 2.5 Liter capacity, it is large enough that you get a generous quantity with each scoop, and it won’t tear bags.

    • Holds 2.5 quarts
    • Stands on end
    • Won’t tear bags
  • NeutraFog T-250

    NeutraFog T-250

    $3,762.04 USD

    Introducing Our NeutraFog T-250 :

    It is the ideal system is suited for small/medium flower or veg rooms up to 50 000 ft³ in 25 seconds.

    The equipment is designed for easy wall installations.

  • Sale! Zippy Seal 100 Pack

    Zippy Seal 100 Pack

    $45.69 USD
    • 28cm x 30cm and 26.5 cm x 31 cm sizes
    • Airtight vacuum seal will keep the air out and odours in.
    • Two individual Blue and Green zippers create a stronger double seal.
    • 100% leak-proof, resealable, reusable and washable.
    • Tear-proof, puncture-resistant and extra strong.
    • Clear food-grade plastic for better product visibility with a printable white label.
    • BPA-free

    On sale while supplies last


  • Aurora Peat Moss

    Aurora Peat Moss

    $5.03$19.32 USD

    Standard 3.8 Cu. Ft. bale of peat. Expands to 6 cu. ft.

    3.8 cu ft size not recommended for shipping 
    10 Liter size is clear bag we bag down ourselves.

  • Sale! AC Infinity 4x4 Grow Tent

    AC Infinity 4×4 Grow Tent

    $192.83 USD
    • An advanced grow tent designed to create optimal climate conditions for year-round plant cultivation indoors.
    • Features durable frame that uses 50% thicker steel poles and carries 2x more weight than standard grow tents.
    • Higher density 2000D canvas prevents light leaks while diamond mylar amplifies light reflectivity.
    • Future ready design featuring controller mounting plate with passthrough for no light-leak cable management.
    • 48” x 48” x 80” | 8 Plant Capacity | Viewing Window | Accessories: Reflective Floor Tray & Tool Bag
  • FernWood Orchid Substrate

    FernWood Orchid Substrate

    $38.68$127.74 USD
    • It has the ability to hold moisture without becoming waterlogged.
    • It is slow to compost.
    • It’s smell and texture encourage natural burrowing.
    • It absorbs waste and diminishes odours.

    Fernwood Soft Tree Fern substrate is an excellent growing medium for indoor plants such as aroids, orchids, epiphytes, hoyas, anthuriums, ferns and more.

    5 and 10 Liter bags are clear bags. Bagged down by us.
    10 Liter bag bag is 1/4 of a 40 Liter bag
    5 Liter bag is 1/8 of a 40 Liter bag