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  • Canna Coco Professional Plus 50 L

    Canna Coco Professional Plus

    $10.00$26.00 CAD
    • Strong root formation, powerful growth and reusability are combined in the CANNA Coco substrate.
    • CANNA Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.
    • It also combines the tolerance and organic nature of soil, with the feeding precision when growing in hydroponics.
    • It has a complex balance between water and air which means that it outstrips other substrates.
    • CANNA Coco substrate has been developed and tailored to the needs of the CANNA grower.

    50 Liter bag will greatly increase shipping charges
    10 Liter size is a clear bag we do here ourselves

  • Fibrgro Open Top Bag 2 Gallon (18/Cs)

    Fibrgro Open Top Bag 2 Gallon (18/Cs)

    $83.50 CAD

    The Fibrgro Open Top Bag is designed to be used both as a propagation unit and a growing unit in the greenhouse. The Fibrgro Open Top Bag allows to propagate larger plants and it brings immediate cost savings for the grower as this product has a double function (propagation cube and growbag in one).

    Bricks are 8″x8″x8″ when expanded
    44+ Case Wholesale pricing available

    In-store discount for Multiples purchased

  • Fibrgro Premium Coco 50L

    Fibrgro Premium Coco 50L

    $25.50 CAD
    • RHP Certified to ensure the highest physical and chemical specifications have been met
    • Pre washed and buffered to prevent calcium and magnesium lockout while stabilizing pH value
    • Naturally free from harmful pathogens, pests, and weeds.
    • Excellent for cultivating ornamental plants, vegetables and potted plants.
    • Balanced pH and low EC value
    • Superior air-to-water ratio for maximum results

    Introductory pricing available.
    In-store discount for Multiple bags purchased