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BioBizz Bio Grow

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Impressive growth during all phases of plant development

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What is Bio · Grow?

BioBizz Bio Grow is a liquid growth fertilizer that can be applied to most types of soil and substrate mixtures. Its base is 100% organic Dutch sugar beet extract, which is commonly known as vinasse.

This by-product of the transformation in sugar of sugar beet or sugarcane is created by a natural fermentation process. The sugar starches are then treated with enzymes to produce glucose that, together with other plant nutrients, help produce a rich source of food for soil microbes, multiplying their populations to obtain more productive soil.

Bio · Grow potassium and natural sugars activate the bacterial flora of the substrate to guarantee you an abundant harvest of deliciously sweet fruit.

How is it used?

Bio · Grow is a complete fertilizer that can be used during the entire growth and flowering period.

Start applying it as soon as the first leaves appear or the plant reaches a height of 10-15 cm. Then continue using Bio · Grow until the end of fruit production.

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