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BioBizz Bio Bloom

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The perfect diet for lush flowers
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What is BioBizz Bio Bloom

Do you want lush flowers that give rise to tasty fruits? So this complete 100% liquid organic fertilizer is just what you need. It contains the optimal mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Together with enzymes and amino acids, all of them working in perfect harmony with the earth. Trace elements and hormones of plant origin have also been added to help create plants with strong stems and vigorous flowering.

Bio · Bloom nutrients

Potassium and phosphorus favor the formation and growth of bulbs, chalices and petals. Potassium especially works in tune with the natural rhythm of the plant during the day and night, helping to activate the flowering process.

How is it used?

Bio · Bloom is an independent acting fertilizer, which can be used from flowering to harvest.

Biobizz recommends using approximately 2-4 ml of Bio · Bloom for every liter of water, but check our official Cultivation Program for optimal results.

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