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  • Zip-Zag Storage Bags

    Zip-Zag Storage Bags

    $9.91$77.44 USD

    Small  Zip Zag    16cm x 17cm

    Large Zip Zag     27cm x 28cm

    XL  Zip  Zag       43cm x 44cm

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  • Sale! Zippy Seal 100 Pack

    Zippy Seal 100 Pack

    Original price was: $55.72.Current price is: $45.69. USD
    • 28cm x 30cm and 26.5 cm x 31 cm sizes
    • Airtight vacuum seal will keep the air out and odours in.
    • Two individual Blue and Green zippers create a stronger double seal.
    • 100% leak-proof, resealable, reusable and washable.
    • Tear-proof, puncture-resistant and extra strong.
    • Clear food-grade plastic for better product visibility with a printable white label.
    • BPA-free

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