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  • FernWood Orchid Substrate

    FernWood Orchid Substrate

    $38.68$127.74 USD
    • It has the ability to hold moisture without becoming waterlogged.
    • It is slow to compost.
    • It’s smell and texture encourage natural burrowing.
    • It absorbs waste and diminishes odours.

    Fernwood Soft Tree Fern substrate is an excellent growing medium for indoor plants such as aroids, orchids, epiphytes, hoyas, anthuriums, ferns and more.

    5 and 10 Liter bags are clear bags. Bagged down by us.
    10 Liter bag bag is 1/4 of a 40 Liter bag
    5 Liter bag is 1/8 of a 40 Liter bag