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  • growlight garden led

    Growlight Garden LED

    $205.22 USD

    The “Original” Growlight Garden with LED Strip Lighting

    Model: LED Growlight Garden – Black

    • Two SunBlaster LED 18″ 6400K 18W  Strip Lights
    • T Power Cord – interconnecting the two grow lamps
    • Garden Canopy – adjustable to 18″
    • Heavy Duty Base – serves as the reservoir for auto watering
    • Raised platform – for auto watering via the wicking mat
    • Wicking mat for auto watering
    • Four Seedling Trays – providing both auto watering capability and aeration in one great tray
    • Footprint: 24″ x 16″

    Special order
    Please allow 2 extra days to get in