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  • Optic Foliar TRANSPORT

    Optic Foliar ELIUM

    $16.26$21.68 USD

    Late Flower

    NPK 0.06-0-0.15

    Maintain healthy plants from mid flower to harvest with Optic Foliar ELIUM. ELIUM will ensure your plants receive essential trace minerals to keep plants in optimum condition from the critical stage of mid flower to Harvest. Elium is safe to use and does not leave any residuals or damage any critical oils or flower structure.



  • stock tank mix micronutrient mix

    Stock Tank Mix Micronutrient

    $15.49$181.98 USD
    • Stock Tank Mix Micronutrient Mix is a water soluble micronutrient mix.
    • Which can be used as a supplement where deficiencies exist.
    • Can be used on crops grown in soil or Hydroponics.

    Chelated Micronutrient Mix is also referred to as Trace.
    11.34 KG Bag now available.