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  • ChitoSal


    $29.04$278.01 USD
    ChitoSal uses two powerful plant effectors in order to trigger a cascade response which leads to several beneficial changes.
    Use only once every 2 weeks

    250 ml Bottle does    100 Liters
    500 ml Bottle does    200 Liters
    1 Liter  Bottle does    400 Liters
    4 Liter  Bottle does   1600 Liters

  • Hyshield


    $23.97$271.00 USD
    • Unique formula is derived from exoskeletons of crustaceans.
    • Chitosan, the active ingredient in HYSHIELD, is extracted from crab shells, which are a by-product of the crab fisheries.
    • Chitosan as a derivate of the naturally occurring compound Chitin, when given to plants helps activate the plant’s natural defense mechanisms fighting any potential diseases, pests and pathogens.
    • HYSHIELD has been created with an environmentally sustainable approach in mind using crab and shrimp shells that would otherwise be discarded in landfills.
    • Our innovative formula provides the necessary boost your plants require.

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