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  • cx head masta

    CX Head Masta

    $24.78$76.67 USD

    Transform your crop into a high yielding, high quality super crop with Head Masta.

    • Improves quality, aromatics and flavours
    • Pumps cells with silicon for an increased yield
    • Increases oil and resin production
    • Improves visual appeal of plants
  • Blossom Blood

    Blossom Blood

    $13.55 USD

    Rambridge Blossom Blood has earned the reputation as a premium floral product. The addition  to a nutrient reservoir during the flowering stage of a plant will promote fuller buds and flowers utilizing selective pH control. Developed for stabilization and floral production in hydroponic applications, Blossom Blood may also be used in soil-less growing mediums. Blossom…

  • Sale! monster bloom

    Monster Bloom

    Original price was: $34.46.Current price is: $30.20. USD

    Key features:

    • Builds larger flower clusters
    • Improves harvest yield
    • Helps crops ripen
    • Increases shelf life
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate 0 - 52 - 34

    Mono Potassium Phosphate 0 – 52 – 34

    $27.10$127.78 USD

    Also referred to as Kh2 Po4.

  • Botanicare Hydroplex

    Botanicare Hydroplex

    $37.95$189.73 USD

    Botanicare Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer (0 – 10 – 6), now includes a broader range of amino acids, more trace minerals and more select, beneficial vitamins. Use Hydroplex in conjunction with any base bloom nutrient to maximize the yield potential of fruiting and flowering plants. Structured to create larger fruits and flowers. and increase plants resistance to external…